Días de cables

I once had occasion to observe that technology now advances crabwise, i.e. backwards. A century after the wireless telegraph revolutionised communications, the Internet has re-established a telegraph that runs on (telephone) wires. (Analog) video cassettes enabled film buffs to peruse a movie frame by frame, by fast-forwarding and rewinding to lay bare all the secrets of the editing process, but (digital) CDs now only allow us quantum leaps from one chapter to another. High-speed trains take us from Rome to Milan in three hours, but flying there, if you include transfers to and from the airports, takes three and a half hours. So it wouldn’t be extraordinary if politics and communications technologies were to revert to the horse-drawn carriage.

— Umberto Eco siempre está en todo y ahora no se queda atrás a la hora de defender a Wikileaks.

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  1. Gabriela says:

    Coincido con esto, sobre todo en la parte que compara VHS con DVD. Más de una vez he sentido que los avances, que me parecen maravillosos y que me asombran todos los días, se llevan en su camino otras comodiades. Lo grave es que muchas veces no reemplazan esas comodidades.

  2. Gabriela says:

    Por cierto, Umberto Eco me encanta. Baudolino me fascinó.

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