Netizens y citizens

Finally, the thought that stuck with me most through the event was a comment made by a Russian blogger lamenting the lack of achieving real world gains from the blogosphere. He felt there was a disconnect between “netizens and citizens” that meant the online world could talk as much as it liked but they were generally ignored. This highlighted for me the need to get content off the net and link it with social movements to ensure it achieves concrete changes. There is a danger that the blogosphere is just a urban, middle class indulgence that talks to itself without making real world, offline changes. Content needs to be linked to action and also “old media” such as TV and radio which still provide the vast majority of people with their daily information.

Una crítica interesante del Global Voices Summit 2010, en Santiago, Chile, al que tuve oportunidad de ir. No sé cómo traducir “netizen”– ¿webciudadano? ¿ciudadano de la web? Por otra parte, estoy de acuerdo en muchas cosas con el artículo (la falta de crítica, la falta de impacto), y en otras no tanto, pero para eso habrá otro post. El artículo me lo pasó Bernardo.

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